Types of Socks: Different Lengths & Styles of Socks

A good pair of outfit-appropriate socks can lift your confidence and appearance. There are many different sock options, and they all have something to offer a classic outfit. Since just how much socks matter makes a difference on pants and shoe synergy, we identified the key features, benefits, and differences between the various types of socks. 

No-Show Socks

Perfect for a day at the office, ankle socks are well-suited for just about any outfit. As you may have guessed, ankle socks sit above the ankle and are great for showing off high-top sneakers. They offer more coverage than low-cut socks, protecting you from blisters, irritation or friction between your skin and shoe. 

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Crew Length

Whether it’s a hike or a comfy day in, these socks offer good coverage and feel great in just about any shoe. One of the most versatile styles of socks, it’s hard to go wrong with crew socks. They usually rise about six to eight inches above the ankle, so depending on height, they’ll reach varying parts of the calf. Crew socks go well with pants and shorts alike and work for virtually any activity. 

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Calf Length

Calf length socks cover the calves entirely, offering great protection from the elements or as a tool for layering. For this reason, they’re particularly popular and most commonly used in sports. Due to their thin fabric, some men’s dress socks are actually designed to extend all the way up the calf.  

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